How To Achieve Stress Relief

Achieve Stress Relief


Stress relief is something that remains allusive to many people. If you’ve ever come home from work and felt like you just couldn’t unwind or been unable to sleep because you just couldn’t stop worrying about something going on the next day, you’re in need of major Stress relief! The problem is that many people don’t talk about stress or really consider it a problem that needs addressing. Whether your stress is caused by work, school, relationships, world events, finances or anything else, it needs attention now before it begins to show its face in the form of physical ailments later.

How To Achieve Stress Relief

Achieving stress relief is easy- if you know the right techniques to reduce your stress levels. The first major rule of stress is to never ignore it. You can’t just pretend that the constant nervous feeling in your stomach is going to go away or expect your high blood pressure to go down on its own. You have to teach yourself the best stress relief methods possible to get your symptoms under control.

Easy Stress Relief Methods

An easy stress relief method that anyone can do, at home or at work, is meditation. The great thing about meditation is that there are many different ways to do it and it’s just a matter of figuring out what works best for you. Some people meditate using visualization, others chant an affirmation over and over again in their mind and some use breathing techniques. No matter what meditation method you use for your stress relief, make sure you find a quiet spot to practice in. Close the door to your office or find an isolated part of your home to be alone with your thoughts. Then, use meditation to push out all the negative, stress inducing feelings you’ve been having and help clear your mind.

Listening to soothing noises is a Stress relief method that you can use to relax yourself before you go to bed or to calm yourself down after a particularly stressful day or experience. Purchase an alarm clock with tranquil sounds on it- i.e., a recording of rain, waves, birds or soft music works well. You can also purchase CD’s like this that have a variety of soothing sounds on them. This is not the time to think about your problems. Instead, focus on enjoying the moment and relaxing your body and mind. You’ll find that when you are done with this stress relief method, your body will feel less tense and your mind will be clear.

Deep breathing is another stress management method that works well in any situation. If you’ve had a fight, feel worried about something or are stressed about a problem, try taking deep breaths. Become aware of how you are breathing in and out and make sure to deeply exhale as well. Try holding your breath for five counts and then release it. This stress relief method will help to slow your heart rate back down and keep your feelings collected.

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