Eliminate Stuttering

What Is Stuttering?

Some people lose confidence upon facing other people due to a speech problem known as stuttering. This is a severe condition in stutterspeech that experiences problems in fluency. Its symptoms include the person’s facial muscles becoming tensed as he or she tries to speak. This is very common to children who are just beginning to talk. Stuttering is a disfluency that causes them to repeat some of their words’ syllables. Although this is normal, the severity can cause concern for some parents.

What Age Can Stuttering Begin?

This speech problem starts in the early childhood while they are at their developing stage and some would stutter at least ten to fifteen per cent of their total speech. Though, this does not affect one’s intellect, it affects one’s social state, especially when they begin to date and mingle with other people. It is for this reason that others would opt to be loners and just choose a career that does not involve meeting people.

There are inconsistent degrees of stuttering. Some people do not stutter when they do other special skills like dancing or singing or even delivering a declamation piece. There are also those who do not stutter on good days but just start to stutter on other days.

There are two important things that a stutterer should keep in mind when trying to communicate in order to prevent stuttering:

Prevent Stuttering: Helpful Tips

1. Thinking of all the things before starting to talk is helpful. This makes the person more sure of the words and things that will be coming out of his mouth. According to a recent study, people who have this speech defect are often more intelligent than those who are not. The only problem is that, since they think too fast at times, their mouth is left behind; thus, stuttering begins. The rhythm of their speech does not coincide on how they think. That is why thinking first is highly advisable. Begin with just trying to slow down when trying to talk. It must be how the head is thinking. Once this is practiced, speed of speech can be practiced to normal.

2. Say the words mentally first. Practicing what is about to be said is helpful prior to saying it out loud to others. This is called aural visualization, the same technique successful people are doing when they try to visualize their positive future and success even before it starts to happen. Literally, say the words and hear every single word in your mind before saying it loudly.These tips can help you overcome stuttering.

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