Myths about Hypnosis

Common Myths about Hypnosis

Myth :In Hypnosis A hypnotist has magical powers.

steve jonesThis is completely false. A hypnotist is an ordinary human being.

Myth :You can be hypnotized and do things against your will.

Absolutely false. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will. You must be 100% cooperative in order to be hypnotized. Under Hypnosis you can choose to accept or reject any suggestions given to you by the hypnotist.

Myth :Only weak minded people can be hypnotized.

False. The opposite is the truth. The more intelligent you are the easier is to hypnotize you. In certain cases of mental debility, hypnosis is impossible. You can be hypnotized if you want to.

Myth :Under hypnosis you are unconscious.

Not true at all. Under Hypnosis you are awake and completely aware.

Myth :You can get stuck in Hypnosis.

Completely false. Even if the hypnotist dropped dead after putting you in deep Hypnosis, you will either open your eyes after not hearing his voice for a while or you will slip into a brief sleep and awaken normally.

Myth : Hypnosis is something weird that other people do to you

If you couldn’t go into hypnosis, you wouldn’t be able to sleep, to learn, or get nervous through ‘negative self hypnosis’. (You know when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? Well that’s negative self hypnosis!) Hypnosis is simply a deliberate utilization of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dream state. We’re not giving people medication here – if it wasn’t a natural ability, hypnosis wouldn’t work!

Myth : You lose control in hypnosis

Crazy news stories, stage hypnotists and gossip have created the illusion that you lose control in hypnosis. In fact, when hypnotized, you are relaxed and focused – and able to choose to get up and walk away at any time. You choose to give your attention to the hypnotist, and you can withdraw it at any time. If you have been scared of hypnosis in the past, this article has hopefully convinced you to at least give it a try. But remember, ensure what you’re getting is the real thing.

Myth : All hypnosis is the same

As with anything, hypnosis can be good, bad or indifferent. The most common is old-style authoritarian hypnosis of the type “You are getting sleepy, you are feeling confident”. Unsurprisingly, this sort of hypnosis doesn’t work well with many people. Good hypnosis uses subtle psychological principles and advanced communication patterns.It’s like the difference between a football coach who thinks you’ll perform best if he yells at you, compared with the more elegant style of a great leader who knows that to get the best from his people, he needs to understand motivation, to cajole, encourage and reward.

Myth :Hypnosis Is Mysterious

In reality, hypnosis is a natural state of mind. You’ve already experienced it thousands of times. When you lose yourself in good book or movie, or when you stare out the window daydreaming, you are experiencing a form of self-hypnosis.

Myth :Hypnosis Is Not Safe

Hypnosis uses no drugs, causes no pain, and is non-invasive. The American Medical Association and the Catholic Church both recognize hypnosis as a valuable therapeutic tool to help people change destructive behaviors.

Myth : Hypnosis Is The Same As Sleep

Although the person experiences such a high level of physical relaxation, hypnosis is not the same as sleep. In fact, just the opposite is true. While in hypnosis, your conscious mind and physical body are relaxed, but you are aware of your surroundings.

Myth :Hypnosis Can Cure Illness

While hypnosis strengthens your natural healing process, it does not cure illness. Hypnosis works well, when used in conjunction with traditional medicine, to help reduce the need for medication and shorten the healing process. More and more doctors are referring their patients to hypnotists to help their healing



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